The event below has been cancelled because of the weather.

The girls enjoy a day out on the Antrim Coast followed by dinner at the BallyGally Castle Hotel
on September 8th

We will post details of our upcoming events soon and welcome all suggestions.

23rd June 2012 

    Another pamper day was provided. This time we also brought in a professional to talk about benefits and how the Government's austerity measures would impact on their lives. This proved very successful and opened up a debate on the issue.
Both events were enjoyed by all the women and we achieved our objective to bring sick women, their family members and women in isolation together for an enjoyable day out.

25th February 2012

At the launch the women availed of the alternative therapies, nail painting and angel card readings.  A buffet was also provided. Questionnaires were given to the women to complete for feedback on the day's events and also to get their opinions on what they needed rather than what we thought they needed. 

The overall response was that they wanted another pamper day just like the one provided  Others stated that they had a great day because they were given the opportunity to meet up with old friends they had not seen for years.

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