In the Footsteps of Anne

In the footsteps of Anne, stories of Republican Women Ex-Prisoners..

This book is the most comprehensive archive of Republican Women Ex-Prisoners, stories anywhere in the world. The title of the book was chosen by the late Eileen Hickey as a tribute to the Irish Patriot, Anne Devlin, who endured torture and imprisonment for her Republican beliefs in Kilmainham Goal, 1803..

The stories reflect the privations and trauma, emotional and physical, that many of these women suffered during their time in prison...

The book contains 142 stories from individual ex prisoners spanning more than three decades from 1967 to 2003.

This book was compiled by a group of Republican women ex-prisoners, Evelyn Brady, Eva Patterson, Kate McKinney,Martine Jackson, Rosie Hamill and Pauline Jackson in memory of their comrade, Eileen Hickey.

 The Late Eileen Hickey

"This book could have been written a long time ago but it would not have come from the women who experienced arrests, interrogations, beatings and eventual imprisonment at the hands of the RUC and British Army.

The book is not solely about Armagh Gaol but every prison that held an Irish Republican woman. These stories have to be hold for the sake of Republican history."

Monsignor Raymond Murray

Catholic Chaplain to Armagh Gaol from 1967-1986

This book was the inspiration of Eileen Hickey who was the leader or OC of the political prisoners in Armagh from 1973-1977. Large parts of it were already completed before her death. It is a fitting tribute to her.
She died on 2nd February 2006

Book Launch in Edinburgh Saturday 02/02/2013.

Our sincere thanks to Jim, Davie, Deno, Julie and Dave for all their hard work in preparation for our Book Launch in Scotland. Sincere thanks also to Word Power Bookshop for hosting the event.  Your kindness and hospitality was deeply appreciated.

Tyrone Book Launch

We would like to extend a special thanks to Mary and Joe who organised the Tyrone Book Launch. The event was a great success.

Strabane Book Launch

The 'voices' group would like to take the opportunity to thank Diane McGlinchey and Gina McElroy for organising the recent book launch in Strabane. We would extend that thanks to the people of Strabane for their hospitality and kindness and also to Christy's Bar for the wonderful bottle of champagne...

The book launch was a great success and gave us the opportunity to catch up
with old friends. Thank you!

Future Events

The first book launch took place in Conway mill on December 15th 2011.  The launch saw hundreds of people pack the hall and the book was quickly sold out. This launch was then followed by the recent  launch in Derry on July 5th in the Davincis hotel, again very well attended, see photographs below.

Recent Book Launch in Derry

To purchase 'In the Footsteps of Anne' visit our contact page for details

Published in the Irish News on Monday August 20th

Talkback BBC Radio Ulster 'In the footsteps of Anne' Aug 20th 2012
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